Looking back at our Summer Exhibition 2021

Following our second Annual Exhibition at Gunnersbury Park Museum in 2021, we are pleased to say that we have booked another month in May at the Museum for our 2022 Summer Exhibition.

This will be another opportunity for members to participate in our "Affordable Art " wall which proved so successful last year but also to exhibit larger wall paintings and pieces of craft ranging from pottery, metalwork, precious metalwork, mosaic and paper mache.
Gunnersbury Park is one of Ealing's most delightful parks and particularly so in summer when the trees are at their most luxuriant, making it a truly English landscape. It's not for nothing that last year, we subtitled our Exhibition "Art in the Park".

The small boating lake has been revived after being underused for many years with paddle boats for children (and any brave adult!). There is also the Museum itself which has been refurbished and is a treasure trove of local history as well as being an insight into how the rich used to live in our neck of the woods in times gone by. We were extremely fortunate to have this summertime space. The weather was very kind to us and many families took the opportunity to view our exhibition whilst out together for a day in the sunshine.

Although our yearly programme normally includes live model evenings and lectures or demonstrations, we were able to hold only one model evening last autumn before it was felt wiser to postpone any further live activities due to the upsurge in the Omicrom variant. However, we shall be reinstating our live cultural activities as soon as it is deemed possible and safe to do so.

We will be looking forward to hanging our Summer Exhibition again soon and seeing the new artworks by our talented membership.